The Vision
Inspired by the villages along the northern Mediterranean, Cielo presents a private residential land preserve in the coastal hills of Rancho Santa Fe. With nearly 1,500 acres of dramatic terrain and panoramic ocean and mountain views, Cielo's luxury home sites rest atop peaks reaching nearly 1,500 feet high.
Continuing the legacy of the original vision for Rancho Santa Fe, the tranquil residences of Cielo gracefully blend with the natural terrain and terrace into the hillsides, respecting the views in every direction. Within a distinguished design palette, a diversity of details reflect the architectural styles of Santa Barbara, Spanish Ranch, European Country House and Italian Villa.
Eight miles east of the coast, Cielo is recognized by its signature 200-foot Roman aqueduct and Italianate Gatehouse which set the stage for what lies beyond as the grandeur unfolds along tree-lined drives following the winding terrain where over half of the community is a preserved habitat.
With meticulous attention to building and maintenance standards, Cielo is one of the few communities in San Diego County that has earned a Shelter-in-Place designation by the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Department.